Environmental Efficiency for a Greener Future.

The new Green Roof is a tranquil outdoor space provided for our patients so they have a natural, relaxing space outside to deal with the stress sometimes associated with spending time inside of the hospital. A green roof, also called a living roof, is partially or completely covered with vegetation. It is planted over a waterproofing membrane on the roof and has its own irrigation system.

Studies show that nature, sunlight, and fresh air have many natural healing properties as well. This all-new 88,000 square foot Green Roof will be the largest of its kind in Pennsylvania and the third largest green roof on a healthcare building in the United States, making up more than 72% of the building’s overall footprint.

Additionally, the Green Roof is designed to improve air quality and have a winter warming and summer cooling effect. During the summer, daytime temperatures on conventional asphalt rooftops can be very high, peaking above 150°F – much like the heat of an asphalt parking lot. This contributes to what is called the urban heat-island effect, a condition in which city and suburban developments absorb and trap heat, causing them to be warmer than more rural areas. The soil mixture and vegetation of a green roof acts as insulation, moderating surface temperature changes and in turn reducing heating and cooling costs in the building below.

The green roof will also reduce storm water run-off, reducing the threat of storm sewer overflows and returning cleaner water to the surrounding watershed. Like a meadow, the green roof absorbs storm water, filters it, slows run-off and even stores some of it for later use. This will ultimately help reduce the threat of sewer overflows, extend the life of the city’s storm drain system, and return cleaner water to our surrounding watershed.



Extensive staff input, planning and forward-thinking in this project’s development will provide a facility that is sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly in order to enhance our staff, patient, and guest experience.
— Dave Major, Director, Facilities & Construction Management